MY story

It's always better when we're together

Thank you so much for visiting!  My name is Whitney, and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and two amazing kids.  They are the drive behind my photography, inspiring me to work hard and use my imagination often.  As a mom, I know that time with your children is fleeting, that's why I value professional photography so much.  Babies grow fast, and before you know it, you forget their tiny details you never thought could fade.  But they somehow do, and that's why it's important to capture each milestone in your child's development so you can hang on to those precious memories for a lifetime.

I began my career as a family photographer nearly 13 years ago.  It has been a passion ever since, and each year I am blown away by my incredible clientele.  I absolutely love photographing connections within families, whether it be the expectancy of your first child, embracing your new baby, or capturing your big kids while they're still in the nest.  I hope to freeze this special time in life for you.